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Greenland Paddles, Laminated



These is our premium line of paddles, standard build being of 9 individual strips of wood, laminated together and custom shaped. Available as non-shouldere or, shouldered. Roughly 80% of all our paddles sales/ orde however do tend to be non-shouldered.

 Lengths, blade width, loom length is all custom by request.

Built by Joe O'Blenis, current and 2-time World Speed Record holder for circumnavigating Vancouver Island by sea kayak. Joe has over 39 years of paddling experience and has now built well in excess of 1,000 + Greenland Paddles. 

Our custom wood paddles are the weapon of choice for pro kayakers such as Helen Wilson, Mark Tozer and of course Joe O'Blenis to name just to name a few.

We use the finest woods available, western red cedar from Vancouver Island, specially selected by our own sawyer and we take pride in each and every custom paddle that we create.

Other select woods are sometimes added in as well for contrast by special request. 

Feel free to email Joe to go over specifications for YOUR custom built paddle. 

Regular $265.00

Boxing Week Special $229.00

Need help with figuring out the sizing for your new paddle? No problem. Here is a link to our sizing guidlines. Look it over and email us at your convenience, either before or after placing your order. We can figure it out over the course of a few emails.

Sizng a Greenland Paddle, general guidelines:


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