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Vancouver Island Speed Record... change of plans!

Posted by Joe O' Woodshop and Joe O' Paddles on August 30, 2009 at 10:26 AM

    Well it is now August 30th, 2009. The plan was for a quick trip back to British Columbia early in September and then a high paced expedition around Vancouver Island to get back my solo speed record.  Close to 1200 kilometers, my goal was, and still is, 16 days! 

    The one thing that has changed however is the time frame. Rather than an early September launch, I've postponed the expedtion until June of 2010. Quite simply, with my paddles sales picking up pace as they have, I've had to devote more and more time to working in the woodshop building paddles and less and less time on the water, so much so that I quit my day job earlier this season and am working full time now on my paddles.Going into September, I still have a number of orders to complete and paddles to ship to places as far away as California and to South America in addition to the more local sales.  The expedition is NOT cancelled, it is merely postponed. 

   This winter when things slow down, I'll do extensive off season training to build up my conditioning for next year. Once the ice is off Lake Superior in the Spring, then the long days on the water will resume as I get prepped for Vancouver Island. And when I do the expeditin next summer, it will certainly be using my own Greenland Paddles. The goal of the expedition calls for an average of over 70 kilometers per day, every day for 16 days. The tidal rapids of the Inside Passage, the infamous Cape Scott. The exposed west coast and Brooks Peninsula and the "Graveyard of the Pacific" the Juna De Fuca Stait.... it is going to be a hell of a ride! Will it hurt? Oh yeah... but that's OK, nothing wrong with pain, all it does is hurt.  And "Pain is Temporary"!

    For more information on the Vancouver Island 2010 Expedition, just click the link.

   For now, it is back into the shop to work on a few more paddles and then hopefully get out on Superior for a couple hours or at the very least to do a bunch of rolls in the backyard pool.


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