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Posted by Joe O' Woodshop and Joe O' Paddles on September 19, 2009 at 8:10 PM

Well, sitting here at home now after doing a bunch of rolls in the pool, working on a couple new Greeenland Paddles, a couple canoe paddles and refinishing some tools and an old bike around the house. and now enjoying a couple of cold brews.

First off, here is a bit of footage from this years Yukon River Quest, the longest annual Canoe & Kayak race on the planet at 740 kilometers. I'm itching to get back up to the Yukon to do thisone again!

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A good friend of mine, Tim Hogson, was teamed up with Jane Vincent in a mixed tandem canoe. Not only did they win their class, they were the top tandem canoe for the entire race. Way to go Tim and Jane!!

Also race related, there is another major long distance race on the calendar in Canada for 2010, the Saskatchewan Canoe Quest, modeled after the very successful Saskatchewan Centennial Canoe Quest from 2005. The race will be 570 kilometers in length and done as a stage race with a projected $90,000 in prize money. Voyageur Canoes only for this one!

On the local front, there is a strong chance that 2008 greenland Rolling Champion, Helen Wilson, will be coming to Thunder Bay and doing a rolling clinic and demo. Here a couple of photos and some video links of her in action. 

This was is shortly after she received her first Joe o' Greenland Paddle (shown in the photo).

Here is another view as she goes for a little paddle...upsidedown. ;)

And this next one, is again Helen and in this one, she is doing a Rolling demonstration in a Tahe Greenland kayak ( Same as what I was just rolling here in the backyard pool an hour ago as we have 3 on hand at the moment).

This clip is from the Michigan Training Camp where Helen was instructing last month.

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In the above video clip, Helen is using her old 2 piece paddle, better for frequent airline travel. I'm still waiting for the ferrules to come in for my new 2 piece Greenland Paddles. Next project after that may be the first prototypes for my carbon fiber Greenland sticks...the plug for the first mold is pretty much done now, just have to order some more composites material for construction my mold.

More coming soon, I'll likely be posting some more stuff tomorrow.

Cheers...Joe O'

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