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Finally...Expedition launch is only hours away!

Posted by Joe O' Blenis on August 19, 2010 at 1:27 AM

It is finally time to get on the water and start the expedition around Vancouver Island to reclaim the speed record. After having to postpone it by a year last summer due to not being able tokeep up with orders for my paddles as I expanded the little home grown business, I thought I'd be on the water in June for this expedition. 

But as the season approached, I was again overwhelmed with orders and had to once again postpone, this time though only for a couple of months.

I finally arrived back on Vancouver Island Monday afternoon and am now ready to get out on the water and take a quick little trip around the island.

The goal for this nearly 1200 kilometer trip is just 16 days!

You can follow my progress by clicking the link for my SPOT Mesenger on the Vancouver Island 2010 Expedition page.

Eventually we will post full results, a day to day journal, Google Maps, photos etc...once I'm back home again.

I'd love to write more but I'm exhausted as it is and need some sleep before launching in roughly 8 hours time.

Full report coming in just over two weeks!!

Cheers...Joe O'

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