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Tahe MultiSport Race/ Fitness Kayak


The Tahe (Zegul)  Multisport is a fast work out boat, with that extra stability, for all of us that do not have the racing background. Also a great choice for beginners or clubs. You can use what ever kind of paddle, if it’s a Greenland Paddle, a Euro style or a Wing. The kayak has one rear hatch, which can be used for gear to go for a shorter trip. The kayak is equipped with a round shape hull and front deck cutaways for a closer, more efficient stroke. SmartTrack Rudder is standard equipment.


Lenght 17,1’"

Width 20.5"

Capacity approx.310 lbs

Cockpit 37½’’ x 15¾’’

Weight is 45 lbs approxiamately 

Rear: ovalhatch for storage

Demoed twice.

Local pick up only.

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