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2-Piece Greenland Paddles


Sizzling Summer Sale!

2-piece Greenland Paddles:

Available in standard size loom, 1.25" diameter carbon fiber ferrules) and XL version, with 1.5" diameter carbon fiber ferrules.

This is now our #1 best selling paddle and we are shipping these all over the world. 

Handcrafted of western red cedar and other select woods with a new improved carbon fiber ferrule, we have shipped these all over the world 

Lengths, width, loom etc. to be determined via email. A special expedition version featuring a thin strip of hardwood down the center for added strenth is also available for an up-charge of  just $25.00


Regular $385.00

Need help with figuring out the sizing for your new paddle? No problem. Here is a link to our sizing guidelines. Look it over and email us at your convenience, either before or after placing your order. We can figure it out over the course of a few emails.
Sizing a Greenland Paddle, general guidelines:

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