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"Deluxe Edition" Greenland Paddles Box Set


Now on for just $599.00

At regular prices, this set would sell for $715.00

By popular demand, we are now offering a "Deluxe Edition" of our Greenland Paddles Box Set option.

On a regular basis we have had customers ask to upgrade to a 2 piece paddle rather than a 1 piece paddle in their box set orders and they would pay the difference.

So, we are now offering the Deluxe Edition which will consist of the following:

2 piece Greenland Paddle (Your choice of the standard or XL version)

Storm Paddle

Rolling Stick/ Norsaq

The 2 piece paddle and the Storm Paddle are your choice of non shouldered, shouldered or soft shouldered. 

Sizing of the paddles can be done by email before or after making your purchase by emailing us at joe.o.paddles@gmail.com or using the "Contact" tab in the main menu bar of our website. 
Sizing Guidlines can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVm09H-ZOMw" target="_blank">Sizing a Greenland Paddle

For customers outside of Canada and the USA, please contact me for shipping rates. We do ship worldwide.

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