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Thumb Page Holders


Thumb Page Holders.
If you read a lot of books, you will LOVE  these. They easily hold your page open and are super easy on the hand/ wrist. You can even read easily in bed with th book held upside down.
We started making these shortly before Christmas for a local arts and craft show we do, expecting to sell 10 or 15.
Well....over the next month, we sold over 100 of them. 

Now, some 4 years later, we still sell over a hundred a year.
Due to shipping costs, we mostly sell local only as shipping is roughly equal to the cost of one of these.
So for people wanting to order online, we offer a set of 5 for $50.00 with FREE shipping. This way, the customer pays $10.00 each, and the sale of 5 at once, that offsets the shipping costs for us.
If you want a smaller number, cntact us by email and we will see what we can do. 

We make them with 3 different size thumb holes, small, medium and large. The medium is most popular by far.

All built with leftover cuts of wood from the paddles that we make..
We have also sold these to be used as a teaching aid for kayak instructors (not the similar shape).

5 for $50.00 with FREE Shipping. 

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