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The Greenland Paddles "Super-Set"

$589.00 $659.00

The Greenland Paddles "Super Set". 
This is the best value out there to get the complete set of Greenland paddles at a huge savings.

It takes our Greenland Paddles "Box Set" to the whole next level!

Included in the Super Set is:

2 piece Greenland Paddle (Your choice of standard loom/ ferrule or the XL version)

1 piece Greenland Paddle

Storm Paddle

Rolling Stick/ Norsaq

Transitional Stick

Your choice of non shouldered, shouldered or soft shouldered on the paddles and sizing of paddles is custom for each buyer/ user. Details of sizing can be worked out by email before or after ordering.

Combined value bought individually at regular price comes in at $990.00

Boxing Day Sale... $589.00 + free shipping  

After Boxing Day/ Week Sale, back up to $659.00 

 FREE SHIPPING USA lower 48 States and all 10 Canadian Provinces (Limited time only).

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