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Storm Paddle, ultralight, stained finish (In Stock Special)

$225.00 $275.00

Custom, ultralight Storm Paddle (In stock, ready to ship).

Dark brown stain with multiple coats of tung oil finish.
Laminated from 11 strips of western red cedar.
172 cm/ 67.75" in length

23 cm/ 9" loom

9 cm/ 3.5" blade width

Deep brown (almost black) stained finish, multiple coats of tung oil.
This is one of the lightest Storm Paddles we have ever built, coming in at 600 grams (21 ounces).

This paddle, if ordered with the stained finish, would be listed for $275.00 (and likely would be roughly 100-150 grams heavier).

Special Pricing on this one only for $225.00

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