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Neebing River Canoe Paddles

Our "Neebing River" canoe paddle.

Now our best selling canoe paddle, this paddle comes with a blade of roughly 24" X 6" (slight variations due to the fact all paddles are completely hand built).
Laminated from mainly western red cedar along with a strip of hardwood down the middle for added strength and durability. 
Available in lengths from 54 to 62 inches in 2 inch intervals.

 $165.00 plus shipping.

We ship worldwide. 

Click the Video link below for more on our Neebing River Canoe Paddles.

Our best selling canoe paddle. The "Neebing River".

Our Ottertail Canoe Paddles:

Canoe Paddles ready to ship

Paddles in progress. A mixture of straight shaft as well as bent shaft canoe paddles.

A Few Paddle Designs

3 new canoe paddles. Middle paddle is an Ottertail built of ash and western red cedar.
Paddle on the left is a custom order from a customer, a Greenland style blade with a 3.5" width and an overall length of 52". Built of ash and western red cedar.
Paddle on the right has an oversized Greenland inspired blade with a maximum width of 5" and an overall length of 56.5", built from a solid piece of western red cedar.
All paddles finished with multiple coats of pure Tung Oil.

50" Bent Shaft Canoe Paddle

New 50 inch bent shaft canoe paddle just finished. Blade is sheathed in 4 ounce fibreglass with epoxy resin.

Ottertail Canoe Paddle

New straight  shaft Canoe Paddle

58 inch overall length with a 25 inch blade. 
Blade is 5 inches at the widest point and is 4 inches at the tip.

Laminated using both hardwood and softwood strips plus an epoxy resin tip on the bottom of the blade.

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