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Greenland Paddles, Straightshaft Canoe PAddles, Bentshaft Canoe Paddles

Check out the video below on Sizing Guidelines for a Greenland Paddle.

Our custom, handcrafted Greenland Paddles

Custom built by Joe O'Blenis, our laminated Greenland Paddles are in use all over the world.

With over 38 years of paddling experience, Joe, who has set the speed record for circumnavigating Vancouver Island by sea kayak, has now built well in excess of 2000 Greenland paddles.
Email Joe today to get yours now. 

One piece laminated Greenland Paddles

Handcrafted from 11 strips of wood, hand finished with multiple coats of 100% pure Tung Oil.

Traditionally Inspired/ Performance Driven.

You know you want one... order yours today. 

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