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Our 2-Piece Greenland Paddles have been selling better than ever this year.

Laminated Greenland Paddles Box Set!

A special offering we are doing is the "Box Set" edition of our Greenland Paddles, Storm Paddles and Rolling Stick/ Norsaqs!

 Each piece is hand built and hand finished, resulted in each and every product being different from any other that will ever be made.

In the Box Set, you will receive a Greenland Paddle, a Storm Paddle and a Rolling Stick.

 All paddle are completely built in house, cut and glued up by hand, individually shaped and finished. Built by Joe O'Blenis, 2-time record holder for the sea kayak circumnavigation of Vancouver Island.

 Sale Price $425.00

Custom built by Joe O'Blenis, our laminated Greenland Paddles are in use all over the world.

With over 38 years of paddling experience, Joe, who has set the speed record for circumnavigating Vancouver Island by sea kayak, has now built well in excess of 1000 Greenland paddles.
Email Joe today to get yours now. 

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