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On this page, we will feature some in stock items that are available for immediate sale. There will be a combination of Cheese Boards, Cutting Boards, Wine Display Racks, Bathtub Caddies and much more.  

To purchase or inquire about any  items listed on this page, contact us directly using the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page,  or email me at Joe.O.Paddles@gmail.com
Thunder Bay and area residents can arrange to purchase and pickup product locally. For those who would require us to ship product to you, please contact us to arrange a shipping rate and to arrange payment by PayPal, Interac E-Transfer (For Canadian customers) etc. Credit card purchases can be arranged as well by contacting us in advance. 
You may also contact us via or Facebook Page for Joe O' Woodshop Creations
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Handcrafted in the Joe O' Woodshop, these are the perfect way to carry your favourite craft beers with you or to give as a gift to the beer lover on your shopping list.
Built from western red cedar, they hold 6 bottles of beer and have an attached beer opener on one end.

$45.00 (Beer not included)

Click here for more photos and/ or to order. Locals email us for local pickup. 

New Cutting Board/ Cheese Board in stock, ready to ship.
18.25" X 5.25", built with purpleheart, cherry, maple and walnut.

Finished with a 100% food grade oil finish.

Our handcrafted Beer Flights have been a good seller now for the last couple of years. Handcrafted, holds 4 glasses (included).
Awesome gift for the beer lover on your shopping list or for your own use at home when entertaining.


Local people contact us by email using the "Contact" tab at the top of the page to arrange for pickup to avoid shipping costs. 

Cutting Board in stock, ready to ship.
15.5" X 8.25", built with cherry, maple, walnut and birch. 

Laminated from 11 strips of wood.

Finished with with multiple coats of 100% food grade tung oil.

Cutting Board in stock, ready to ship.
15.5" X 9", built with purpleheart,cherry and birch hardwoods.

Laminated from 7 strips of wood.

Finished with with multiple coats of 100% food grade tung oil.

Cheeseboard, ready to ship.

9 X 5.5 inches in size.
Nice thin cheeseboard, laminated from, 9 strips of wood using a food grade adhesive and finished in FDA food grade Tung Oil.

9 strips of wood

Purpleheart, Cherry, Maple, Red Oak


Cheeseboard, ready to ship. (1 only)

11.75 X 5.25 inches in size.
Nice thin hardwood cheeseboard, laminated from, 7 strips of wood using a food grade adhesive and finished in FDA food grade Tung Oil.

Purpleheart, Walnut, Cherry and Oak 


Thumb Page Holders

We have now been making these Thumb Page Holders for three years and we have sold hundreds of them!
Additional photos will be posted right below this post.

Just $10.00 each, these are perfect for every book lover!
Also sold locally 6 for $50.00 (Great for Christmas gifts) or for out of town customers, to offset shipping costs, we sell 5 for $50.00 and we cover the shipping free of charge.

Here are a few of our Wine Display Racks. These have been selling well now for over three years.
These ones, built from solid wesern red cedar, will look great in your kitchen or bar. They also make a great gift for any wine lover.
Wine and Glasses not included.

$20.00 each.
Also available in a laminated, hardwood version for $25.00

What do we do with our leftover scraps of wood from building paddles?

Well, here is one of the things we do with them. Turn it into laminated wooden drink coasters.

A set of 4 for just $20.00

Now available, our "Magic" Wine Bottle Stands. 

Freestanding,  made from a variety of different woods, these support a full bottle of wine and will balance on it's own narrow, angled base. Makes a great addition to your countertop, bar etc.

Now selling from $15.00 and up.

(Note...the dark brown one, from solid western red cedar, has been sold. The other two are available now. The one with the bottle, it has a strip of purpleheart running down the middle, adding a beautiful contrasting look. 

Handcrafted from premium western red cedar, this set of Drink coasters will look great in your home or can make a great and unique gift.

Set of 4 for $15.00

Bathtub Trays/  Caddies

By request, we were asked to build bathtub caddies/ trays.
Here is one of the first ones to come out of our woodshop.
This one is just over 38 inches in length and 8 inches wide. It has 4 recessed tea candle holders, a place for your glass of wine and a stand to hold your current favourite book, magazine etc.
This one is made of pine with a walnut stain and a spray on water resistant finish.

Most will be closer to 32 to 34" in width, this one example in the photo was built to spec for a wider tub enclosure.
Prices start at just $65.00

Tea Candle Holders:

Built from solid hardwood, we make these in single candle versions right up to,  well as many as we want.
Right now we have some in stock for 3 candles, 4 candles and a 5 candle version. Tea candles included with purchase.

Pricing? $5.00 per hole.
Single Candle Holder, 1 candle $5.00
2 Candle Holder,  $10.00
3 Candle Holder,  $15.00
4 Candle Holder,  $20.00  and so on. 

Pencil Holders:

Handcrafted from premium western red cedar, we make these to hold anywhere from 6 to 24 pencils, pens etc. 
Looks great on your home office desk or at your place of work. 

Prices start at $10.00 

Crayon Holders:

This is another fun project that we use with our leftover premium western red cedar from our paddle building.
Made from solid western red cedar, measured and drilled out with 24 holes, secifically sized for use to hold crayons. The kids love them. And it is a great way to teach your children to put things away and to  keep things organized. 

Priced at $20.00 and includes a full box of crayons. Finshed with a 100% Food Grade oil finish to ensure your childs safety.