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   We are now building Cedar Planter Boxes. Built from western red cedar, this one comes in at 37" X 16" with an overall height of 24.5"

   Introductory pricing of just $95.00

By request, we were asked to build some rustic looking bathtub caddies/ trays.
Here is one of the first ones to come out of our woodshop.
This one is just over 38 inches in length and 8 inches wide. It has 4 recessed tea candle holders, a place for your glass of wine and a stand to hold your current favourite book, magazine etc.
This one is made of pine with a walnut stain and a spray on water resistant finish. Prices start at $65.00

What do we do with our leftover scraps of wood from building paddles?

Well, here is one of the things we do with them. Turn it into laminated wooden drink coasters.

A set of 4 for just $20.00

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